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Random Rainbow Selfie by Dakota-Skywalker Random Rainbow Selfie :icondakota-skywalker:Dakota-Skywalker 0 0 Blue Lightning by Dakota-Skywalker Blue Lightning :icondakota-skywalker:Dakota-Skywalker 0 0
A Forbidden Love Chapter two: Meeting the Fuhrer
"Where is the Jew Anna-Marie being held sir?" I asked. The officer looked at me in surprise but replied; "Cell number 332, in the west side of the camp." I nodded and soon went back to my dorm, where my best friend was waiting; "Guten Tag Fredrick!" he said cheerfully. "Hello Seville," I replied as I flopped onto my bed. The top bunk shook as Seville climbed down, his green eyes sparkling; "How was the kill? Did that filthy non-human beast try to resist? Did you kill it?" I sighed in annoyance, 'god damn Seville!' I hissed in my mind. "Yes, I killed him, the Jew didn't protest, now drop it!" I said, more harshly than I intended to.
Seville ruffled his brown hair embarrassedly and muttered; "Sorry," before scurrying back up on to the top bunk where he slept. Suddenly a bell rang and our troop leader burst in calling; "Hurry up you lazy people! Get up and go down to the courtyard to greet the Führer!" As he left our group got up and marched out in two lines and marched down the hall
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A Forbidden Love. Chapter one: The story begins
I live a lie; day after day I live in deception. I'm not truly loyal; if I were, I would have no conscience and would blindly kill. I'm a Nazi, a member of the so called; 'Saviour of Germany'. I'm an Aryan also, Hitler holds me in high esteem, but if he knew what I truly felt, he would kill me. I look at myself in the mirror and I see no brave hero, I see a cowardly murderer. I feel sorry for the Jews, I really do, and I can't stand to see another human tortured so horribly. I feel sick in the gut when I'm told to kill a Jew. I remember my latest kill.
My finger trembled slightly when I rested it on the trigger; I made eye-contact with the Jew. I saw his fear reflected in his eyes, I exhaled softly… 'I have to do this' I told myself. I continued looking at the Jew and pulled the trigger, with a thud the Jew fell to the ground. I was careful not to show my emotional turmoil in case the head Nazi officer reported me. I heard a mournful piercing wail of sorrow and grief from across t
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Warrior cats Power rangers: Red ranger by Dakota-Skywalker Warrior cats Power rangers: Red ranger :icondakota-skywalker:Dakota-Skywalker 0 0 Ash and Pikachu by Dakota-Skywalker Ash and Pikachu :icondakota-skywalker:Dakota-Skywalker 2 0
I've made many mistakes. Too many to count. And I see now where they've gotten me. "Darth Vader" one of the two most feared Sith Lords. I should have never let myself be corrupted by Sidious. But it was all for my love…my soul mate…Padmé.  All I wanted was to be with her forever, and let nothing get in my way…
But I destroyed that dream; she wouldn't have died if I didn't go to the Dark Side. Even after all these years, I still feel the pain…I can remember her gurgling and gasping for air as I used the force to choke her as if it were yesterday. I've regretted what I did ever since I found out she died.  I wish I could turn back time…Oh how I wish I could take back what I have done.
Yeah…I've made mistakes…but this one destroyed my life. She was my life, my heart, my world, she meant everything to me. And now I realize the fatal mistake I made, and I see my son being tortured. His pleas for my help are getting fainter and fain
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Rainbow Power Rangers, Chapter five: Getting Ready
Red awoke in her bed, ready for another day. She got changed and ate her breakfast, yawning loudly afterwards. When she wasn't 'Red' she was known as Ruby White, a quiet, shy, gloomy bookworm whom others label as 'Emo' or 'Goth'. Walking back up to her bedroom she heard a yell.
"Good Morning Ruby!"
Ruby laughed as she saw Yellow with messed up blonde hair and green eyes which sparkled with delight, and still in her nightdress.
"Hello Saffron…how are you?"
"Ha ha I'm good. What about you?"
"Never better."
Saffron said goodbye and went to her bedroom and loud music could be heard. Ruby smiled as she knew that her flatmate was dancing. Grabbing her cell phone she dialled Blue's phone number, hoping to find out the homework they had.
The phone kept on ringing until it went to message bank.
"Hi it's Sapphire, I'm not near my phone at the moment, I'm most likely fighting someone or watching Star Wars, so please leave a message after the tone and I'll call you back…maybe…if you
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Vader vs Luke Comic XD by Dakota-Skywalker Vader vs Luke Comic XD :icondakota-skywalker:Dakota-Skywalker 0 4
Rainbow Power Rangers, Chapter 4: Bronze Arrives
"STOP THIS FIGHTING," the wolf howled as he reached the fighting teams.
"B-Bronze…" Red murmured loudly and all with the exception of Black and Blue stopped fighting. Bronze glanced at the duo that were still fighting and stalked over to them. Red watched as Bronze grabbed Blue by the scruff of her neck then dragged her off Black.
"What do you think you are doing Blue?" the bronze wolf growled, his voice muffled by Blue's fur.
Red watched with amusement as Black stood there in astonishment, "B-Bronze, I-I can't b-believe that y-you are here…." Black mumbled.
Suddenly Blue struggled fiercely; "Get your jaws off me Bronze," she barked angrily as she tried to claw at his face. Bronze let out a grunt of acknowledgement and dropped her on the ground.
The destroyer Rangers morphed back into human form and vanished away from the fight.
"Yeah! All right we did it!" Yellow cheered and all the other Power Rangers joined in.
Bronze morphed back into human form and said "C
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Rainbow Power Rangers, Chapter 3: Go Power Rangers
"Congratulations on your observation Red," the black suited Evil Destroyer Ranger purred.
"Why thank you Black," Red snapped coldly, "that's really appreciated." Suddenly music could be heard and an indigo Ferrari pulled up, the doors opened and a blue Power Ranger and an indigo Power Ranger sprang out of the car with unmatched speed. The two new comers activated their Lightsabers and advanced on the Evil Destroyer Rangers.
"What are you doing here Black?" Blue snarled, directing her voice and attention to the evil Destroyer Ranger in the black suit.
"Why Blue," he said, as he activated his black lightsaber, "how lovely it is to see you again…"
Indigo looked at Blue then at Black and growled "Leave her alone Black, or you'll regret it." The evil Destroyer Ranger let out an evil laugh and motioned for his grey team-mate who was called Grey to attack Indigo.
"NO!" Red cried as Grey's lightsaber slashed ten inches away from Indigo's neck.  But Blue was faster and used her f
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Characters in my story: Violet by Dakota-Skywalker Characters in my story: Violet :icondakota-skywalker:Dakota-Skywalker 1 0 Characters in my story: Indigo by Dakota-Skywalker Characters in my story: Indigo :icondakota-skywalker:Dakota-Skywalker 1 0
Rainbow Power Rangers, Chapter 2: Impostors
Red landed onto the soft springy grass in the park a while later, curious she turned on her in-built radio to see what the others were up to. At first she tuned into Yellow, Violet and Orange, and Green's conversation;
"So Violet, what do you think of my unicorn Daisy?" Yellow asked.
"Awesome, but not as awesome as My Amethyst…" Violet replied.
"My Amber is better than both of yours!" bragged Orange.
"WRONG! My Emerald is the best…" Green announced
Sighing, Red turned the switch and tuned into Blue's radio;
"So Indigo, what do you think of Red?" Blue asked.
"Okay, but really bossy." Pink gossiped.
"I agree 100 percent," laughed Blue, "Let's change the subject; this indigo BMW Convertible is so cool!"
"Yep. Hey Blue, wanna listen to 'Time Warp' from the Rocky Horror Glee Show?"  Pink asked.
"Okay!"  music started playing and then two voices were heard singing.
"Let's do the Time Warp agaaaaaaain!" Blue and Indigo sang together.
Turning the radio off, Red st
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Characters in my story: Blue by Dakota-Skywalker Characters in my story: Blue :icondakota-skywalker:Dakota-Skywalker 1 0 Characters in my story: Green by Dakota-Skywalker Characters in my story: Green :icondakota-skywalker:Dakota-Skywalker 1 0


Black Unicorn by Ironshod Black Unicorn :iconironshod:Ironshod 5,898 373 Moonlight Unicorn by Ironshod Moonlight Unicorn :iconironshod:Ironshod 7,305 574 .Unicorn. by SnowSkadi .Unicorn. :iconsnowskadi:SnowSkadi 1,860 122 Palletshipping - Want some tea? by Gabbi Palletshipping - Want some tea? :icongabbi:Gabbi 580 87 trade: Protagonist Chase by indecisivepancake trade: Protagonist Chase :iconindecisivepancake:indecisivepancake 753 164 My Little Yugi Ponies by YaoiYuriTwins My Little Yugi Ponies :iconyaoiyuritwins:YaoiYuriTwins 61 34 Happy Birthday Aibou by Ricku Happy Birthday Aibou :iconricku:Ricku 183 127
Dear Yugi
Dear Yugi,
The first moment I saw you I fell in love.
I fell in love for who you are and how you made me feel
like I was more than a dead spirit of a pharaoh.
I felt alive every time you smiled at me.
Every single day I fell more and more in love with you.
You are my perfect aibou,
my hikari,
my Yugi.
Every time I said your name through my lips,
it gave me chills.
Your name is just as perfect as you are perfect.
You are the light in my darkness.
You're my one and only,
heart and soul,
always and forever,
dream come true,
love of a life time,
Forever yours,
to infinity,
your mou hitori no boku.
Love, Yami
:iconserina67:Serina67 45 41
A Skywalker In My Arms
It's a boy.
A healthy little boy.
Small and mewling,
Crying for his dying mother.
A new life starts
As his father's ends,
A new Skywalker
Rises to place.
I feel him so strong
So alive in the force.
A lot like his father,
A Skywalker in my arms.
:iconrovergirl:RoverGirl 98 51
Pokemon: Green x Red by Angels-Leaf Pokemon: Green x Red :iconangels-leaf:Angels-Leaf 344 75 Hearts and Hooves Day - Pegasus Edition by BobtheLurker Hearts and Hooves Day - Pegasus Edition :iconbobthelurker:BobtheLurker 458 112 Sheldon Wars by Flufflepot Sheldon Wars :iconflufflepot:Flufflepot 65 14
50 Ways To Annoy Anakin Skywalker
50 Ways To Annoy Anakin Skywalker
1. Follow him around. When he's not looking, laugh hysterically. When he looks at you, stop laughing and have a straight face. Refuse to tell him what you're laughing at. When he turns around again, continue laughing. Repeat.
2. When next to him, say out loud how good a couple Padme and Obi Wan make.
3. Constantly remind him of all his mistakes. (E.g: "Hey Annie, remember when you killed all those Tuskans Raiders?")
4. Tug on his hair. Run and hide. Repeat.
5. Think of a catchy, yet annoying theme song for him. Constantly sing it or hum it around him. Double points if you can get him to hum it as well. Triple points if you get the other Jedi to join you.
6. Scream "LOOK OUT ANNIE!!!" at the most weirdest times. (E.g: Right before he goes to the bathroom.)
7. Spray paint rude things about him on the walls of the Jedi Council. Run and see how long it is until he finds you.
8. Dress as people he knows and follow him around doing really bad impressi
:iconlovedove1128:lovedove1128 129 33
You were supposed to be the chosen one..... by 1shewolf1 You were supposed to be the chosen one..... :icon1shewolf1:1shewolf1 47 19 End of the Rainbow by AnnMarieBone End of the Rainbow :iconannmariebone:AnnMarieBone 5,628 636 Penny and Sheldon as cats by SandStorm444 Penny and Sheldon as cats :iconsandstorm444:SandStorm444 4 1


Hahahaha. I haven't been around recently. Jeez I'm slack. Anyway, it's good to be back! I'm currently writing a story called 'Power Alliance', if you guys could check it out I'd really appreciate it.
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